MLC PTSA 2020-21 Funding Priorities
Hello, MLC families and community members. Your PTSA is currently seeking input on how to spend these funds. Of course, this coming year is full of uncertainty as we confront the coronavirus crisis.

Total Funds $41,749

Total Expenses $31,100

More/-Less $10,649

For more detailed information about our budget, please see our treasurer's report here:
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Total Income: $41,749
What is your opinion of the amount budgeted for the following categories?
Too Low
Just About Right
Too High
Field Trip Scholarships ($7,000)
Student Support and Emergency Aid ($5,000)
Staff Discretionary Accounts ($4,500)
Auction Expenses ($4,000)
Staff Support ($4,000)
Community Development ($3,000)
General Expenses ($2,600)
College Scholarship Award ($1,000)
Clear selection
We will likely have a surplus this coming year that we can put toward wish list items. These are just some ideas that have come from our MLC committee. Rate these in order of your preference and please add your own ideas in the next section. *
1 = Not as important 3 = Very important
Anti-Racist School Initiatives
Upgrade Auditorium
MLC Field Trip Van
Arts Education and Teaching Artists
Family and Student Emergency Assistance
Outdoor Education Infrastructure
Donate to the PPS for MLC staffing (FTE)
Increase Electives budget
What is on your wish list for MLC?
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How are you affiliated with MLC? *
Please share your thoughts on how the PTSA can help our students.
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