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Vision: WWU curricula and research support environmental, social, and economic sustainability through diverse perspectives.
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Goal 1: Western’s curricula provide all students opportunities to nurture and create the conditions for a thriving economy, society, and environment (ESE).
• Objective 1.1: Increase enrollment in the Sustainability Studies minor.
• Objective 1.2: Expand service learning in the area of sustainability.
• Objective 1.3: Every major has curricular options that include sustainability content.
• Objective 1.4: Offer independent student projects and student research.
• Objective 1.5: Offer more opportunities to study social/environmental justice issues.
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Goal 2: Western supports scholarship and teaching that contribute to the understanding and promotion of sustainability.
• Objective 2.1: Continue and enhance Washington Higher Education Sustainability Coalition (WAHESC) to improve research and outreach sharing and opportunities.
• Objective 2.2: Provide funding for faculty and staff across disciplines to attend conferences that promote sustainability. (E.g.: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education - AASHE)
• Objective 2.3: Establish internal competitive sustainability research funding.
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Goal 3: Western recruits and retains faculty and staff who focus on sustainability.
• Objective 3.1: Continue and enhance the Sustainability Fellows program.
• Objective 3.2: Create a tenure track faculty line devoted to sustainability.
• Objective 3.3: Increase faculty capacity to offer sustainability-related curriculum.
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Goal 4: Western is home to an Institute for Sustainability. *Goal to be developed.
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