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Any screenings of one of our films to a group of people requires licensing, regardless of whether they are a paying audience or not. For screenings to a non-paying audience, a licence fee is applicable to offset some production and distribution costs.

One-Time Screening License
Varies from 250 to 500 USD
Valid for one non-paying audience event.

Paying-audience Screening License
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Valid for one ticketed event. License cost will be determined based on conditions such as ticket price, audience size, and more.

Multiple-screenings License
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Valid for more than one non-paying audience event within parameters that suit your needs such as by region, by institution, etc.

Educational License
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Educational licenses allow an educator or institution to use a film as part of classroom curriculum. If student groups or others wish to screen the film on campus for the school's general population, this would not require an educational license but would instead require a license of a different sort. By answering the questions below, we can help set you up with the most appropriate one for you.

Please fill out the questionnaire below so we can make a custom recommendation. Thank you for being in touch! We will reply as soon as possible.
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