Donation of Time to St. John's
Please list the number of hours of your time you have given to each area of the church’s ministry since the last time you filled out a time donation form.
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Your Name (optional): (If you provide your name, we will give you a statement of hours donated.)
Serving in worship (acolyte, lector, chalice bearer, usher, altar guild, etc.), planning services, offering music during worship (and rehearsal time preparing to do so)
# of hours given to WORSHIP:
Prayer, pastoral visits or phone calls, sending cards, welcoming newcomers
# of hours given to PASTORAL CARE:
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT (Outreach, PR, Social Justice)
Helpful Shop, Community Youth Program, beach clean-up, COPA, cooking for AFC shelter, evangelism/marketing/PR (spreading the word about St. John’s), Ashes to Go and other “worship without walls,” any time spent connecting with the wider community on behalf of St. John’s
# of hours given to COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:
Repairs & maintenance, weeding/watering plants, Architecture & Space Use Committee meetings
# of hours given to BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:
Office / organizational tasks, finance, policies, vestry meetings
# of hours given to ADMINISTRATION:
Planning or leading classes or programs for adults or children or attending training or webinars for these things
# of hours given to FORMATION:
Planning & preparing for social/fellowship events, making food for coffee hour or other events, set up &/or clean up, etc.
# of hours given to PARISH LIFE:
Anything that doesn't fit into any of the other categories listed here.
# of hours given to OTHER:
Please describe what you did with the OTHER hours:
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