HGU Build A Better Future Scholarship: OPTIONAL Checkpoint Submission
This is an optional submission for feedback on your work so far. You MUST include your strategy plan; we are happy to give feedback on any other work you choose to share. If you are working with 1 or more peers, please include all names, emails, & schools on the application.
Applicant Information
First and Last Name *
Email *
Current School *
City (school location) *
State of Residence *
Strategy Plan
Your Strategy Plan *
Information about your project or answers to any of the questions we ask on the final application
Upload file(s), if applicable (any photos or videos you would like to share)
Collaboration with existing organization(s)
Applicants are to be the primary planners and executors of their projects. If you have collaborated with an existing community organization during this round, please list: 1) the NAME of the organization(s). 2) the NAME and EMAIL of the supervisor at the organization(s).
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