Zestival Talent Contest Sign-Up
EVENT: Zestival - Showcasing young talent from across Oahu
TIME: 3pm - 7pm
DATE: Sunday, May 5th, 2019
EVENT LOCATION: Farrington Auditorium, 1564 N King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
PRIZES: Cash and a choice of one tool from the YOUNG PERFORMERS TOOL KIT (One session with a performing arts coach).

- Performance must follow the theme of a "captured memory".
- $20 entrance fee (How are you going to pay)
- 17 and under require parent/guardian waiver
- Contestants must be present from 3pm - end of the contest
- Must be present for mic/tech check during intermission, approx. 4:30 pm

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A $20 entrance fee is required for the contest. Please indicate how you will be paying on the day of the contest: *
Contestants under age of 18 must have a signed Parent/Guardian waiver on file on the day of the performance. Will you... *
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