Nerd Asylum Eredin Podcast (Deadline to apply is 12/27/2020)
Thank you for your interest in joining our next podcast project Eredin!

The podcast will be set in The Northern Kingdoms from the Witcher series.
We will be using The Witcher Pen and Paper RPG by Talsorian Games

We will be getting together to record on Saturday nights twice a month for 3-5 hours.
We're hoping to start on January 23rd 2021 with a Session 0 being held on January 9th at 9 PM EST.

Deadline to apply for this campaign is December 27th, 2020.
If selected you will be notified by email no later than January 3rd 2021.

If you are interested in joining this campaign, please fill out the app below.

Thank you.

Questions about this project? Please feel free to Contact Joseph Timmis.
Joseph Timmis#8951
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Full Name (please provide your full first and last name for credits on the project. This does not have to be a legal name, and can be a stage name but what you place here will be used to list you in the credits.) *
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Are you over the age of 18? *
Social Media links i.e. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc. (This info is required so that we can look you up to make sure you will be a good fit as you will be representing the Nerd Asylum community.) *
The Nerd Asylum uses Discord to communicate and plan between sessions. Please include your Discord name (e.g. myname#3478) and be sure to join the Nerd Asylum Discord server. (
Can you commit (within reason) to being active in a text based planning and discussion group through out the duration of the project and a 3 - 5 hour game twice a month on Saturday nights 8 PM EST to 1:00(ish) AM EST? *
Have you been involved with the Nerd Asylum community before or are you new to the community? (Your answer will not effect the final decision.) *
Audio quality will be essential for this project. Do you have a high quality Microphone and the ability to limit background noises while recording? *
This will be collaborative story telling project with multiple responsibilities such as character development, the ability to discuss story aspects and work together as a team to develop interesting and emotional responses and arcs. Can you work well with others to develop an interesting and compelling story based on multiple characters? *
What drives you as a player? (please select all that apply) *
How did you hear about this project? *
If you were referred, by who? (If you did not check referred in the previews question you can skip this.
Examples of previous media experience (if any). (Please include links. Time stamps helpful. Previous experience not required for consideration.)
Why do you want to join this podcast? *
We use a Session 0, frequent check-ins before and after the games, and safety tools during our games. If you are unaware of safety tools, we go over them with everyone during session 0 and encourage everyone to utilize them when needed. Please check that you have read and agree to this statement below. *
I agree that I have answered the above questions honestly and to the best of my ability. I understand that I will not be paid for playing in this live game for charity and that I am volunteering my time and creativity to the Nerd Asylum community and do not expect compensation now or in the future. I understand that by participating in this live streamed event I will be representing the Nerd Asylum community and agree to abide by the community guidelines set forth by them both on stream and in the public forum. *
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