Are you a member of the worldwide community of cultural workers?
Are you a professional in any cultural field, and have recently arrived, or have been working in Skåne for sometime?
Do you want to meet organisations, institutions, and people that work within your field in the region?

Welcome to STANNA! Fill in your info in this form!

STANNA is a project reaching for all newly arrived and regional creative people in the region of Skåne.

We are looking for you if you are a cultural worker that recently arrived to our region, and that has a background in creative work. We are also looking for you if you have been living in Skåne for sometime and have established yourself in the cultural industry in the region...
No matter the period you have spent here, if you work with culture and are interested in meeting colleagues from various backgrounds , you are mostly welcome to fill in your information below.

We will collect the information we gather here to create a database of the cultural workers in Skåne, mainly the ones interested in meeting other people from their field, especially with various backgrounds.
We are arranging our first network meeting aiming to match newly arrived cultural workers with their fellows that have been working in the region, so they can exchange experiences and knowledge about their professions, and also introduce what are the resources for funds and support for culture in Skåne.

We are looking forward to meet you, we will hopefully get back to you soon with information about our events.

*We might forward your info to other cultural organisations that match your profile, but not to anyone else.

Best wishes
/ The STANNA-team

Cindy Mizher Klara Levin
072 286 56 76 073 24 88 324

Project initiated by the local film organisations BoostHbg, Film i Skåne and Filmcentrum Syd.

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