Hellenic vACC ATC Training Application 2018
Fill and submit this form if you wish to start or resume your Air Traffic Controller training with the Hellenic Virtual Area Control Centre. Please note that this form is for Hellenic vACC members only. If you wish to obtain a visiting controller validation then you'll have to fill in a different form. If you have any questions regarding anything related to ATC training, please contact the Hellenic vACC ATC Training Department at training@hvacc.org
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Make sure that your answers in this section match your VATSIM.net registered account as we'll use this to cross-validate any other information pertaining to your eligibility for training.
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Terms & Conditions
By submitting this application you accept all VATSIM.net, VATEUD, and Hellenic vACC Terms & Conditions which can be found online at the respective websites. You understand that this form is not legally binding and that submission of this form does not guarantee any form of training by the Hellenic vACC. Training by the Hellenic vACC is provided depending on instructor availability. Training by the Hellenic vACC is provided as-is and any complaints regarding our training should be submitted via email to support@hvacc.org
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