Proctor Information Form B
The Proctor B Form is for students living outside of Alaska. Students living in Alaska may submit the Proctor B form only if they do not live near an established proctor (found on Proctor Form A) or if they communicate in writing to UAS Sitka Distance Testing Staff regarding special circumstances to be considered.
It does take a day or two (sometimes more during midterms and finals) to verify your proctor. Make sure to account for this time by turning your form in ASAP. If you don't allow for enough time, there is no guarantee your exam will be received by your proctor in time for you to take it.
You will receive a confirmation (via phone or email) if your proctor is approved.
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How Do I Establish a Proctor?
This form should only be used if you don't live near a University of Alaska testing center or if the student communicates in writing to the UAS Sitka testing center regarding special circumstances to be considered.
The student is responsible for 1) proposing a suitable proctor, 2) completing this form, and 3) following up to make sure the form is received and approved by the UAS Sitka Testing Center Coordinator before scheduling exams.
Who Can Be a Proctor?
A university or college testing center is preferred, if available. When a local university/college testing center is not available, a high school teacher or counselor, or a librarian may be used upon approval by the UAS Sitka Testing Center Coordinator.
Individuals who have had prior experience proctoring tests are preferred.
Family members, coworkers, and friends may not proctor for students. Please call 1-800-478-6653 ext 7721 or 907-747-7721 with questions about proctor requirements.
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