USMC Vengeance Platoon Enlistment Application
Vengeance Platoon, 1st Marines.
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VPMC Requires You To Be At Least 16 Years Old.
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Do You Have Any Real Life Military Experience? *
For example: Serving active duty in the US Military, a reservist, National Guardsman, veteran, prior service, Future Soldier Program, DEP, RSP, MEPS, Military Academy, ROTC, JROTC, etc. Vengeance Platoon offers benefits to those who have real life military experience. Please leave a descriptive entry if you happen to fall under these categories as you may be eligible for an enlistment bonus, otherwise put n/a if you do not fall into these categories. As always be honest, at any time your recruiter may ask to see proof of service. Remember, MCVP has active duty service members within our platoon therefore lying about military service would result in a termination of an individuals enlistment application.
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Please Be Descriptive, As Lack Of Information Will Result In Termination Of Application. Include The Reasons That Sparked Your Interest In Applying For Us.
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How Can You Benefit USMCVP And Why Do You Think You Should Be Accepted? *
Please Be Descriptive. Include What You Can Offer As A Member Compared To Everyone Else. Include Your Traits Such As Loyalty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Etc.
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What Does Your Activity Look Like On A Daily Basis And When Are You Usually On Xbox? *
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Which Category of Jobs (MOS) Interest You The Most? *
Eligibility for different MOS will be determined from the amount of experience each individual has.
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