Vengeance PMC Clan Application (XBOX ONE)
Vengeance Private Military Contractor
Do you have a mic?
How did you find VPMC?
Your answer
What is your current age?
Note: VPMC does require you to be of age 14 years of age or older however maturity plays a crucial role in determining applicants.
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What is your past military experience?
Note: This can be the gaming aspect and or real life experience. Please be descriptive.
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Do you have a smart phone, iPad, computer or any mobile device for our Discord Server?
What is your Discord username?
If you do not have one, please put n/a.
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What is your Rock star Social Club username?
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What is your Xbox Live Gamer tag?
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Why would you like to join Vengeance PMC?
Please be descriptive, as lack of information will result in termination of application. Include the reasons that sparked your interest in applying for us.
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How can you benefit this clan and why do you think you should be accepted into VPMC?
Please be descriptive. Include what different you can offer as a member compared to everyone else. Include your traits such as loyalty, honor, courage, commitment, etc.
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What does your activity look like on a daily basis and when are you usually on Xbox?
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What is your time zone?
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What preferred branch would you like to join?
Within each branch, you are trained on multiple MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) or AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code). New positions and other MOS / AFSC will be available to you once you work your way up through chain of command.
What is your e-mail address, one where we can reach you if needed?
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Do you agree to the VPMC Rules and Regulations?
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