SFIA 8 Project - Global Consultation
The global community develops and maintains SFIA and the SFIA eco-system.

This ensures that SFIA remains useful and relevant to the whole industry.

Please complete this form to tell us how you can contribute. It will only take you 5 minutes.
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Use this form is to let us know how you would like to contribute to the project.

Your preferences will help me plan and organize the project activities. I will try to meet your preferences but we cannot guarantee to do so.

We appreciate your generosity and none of your responses will be taken as a firm time commitment. We are expecting to need small contributions from most people. Every little helps!

Any ideas, issues or concerns please contact me or use the text box at the bottom of this form.
Your details will not be shared with any third party. Your personal preferences will not be shared with others.

Peter Leather
SFIA 8 Project Manager
Tel: +44 7896 179605
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SFIA 8 Project preferences
Please indicate the area where you would like to contribute. We will try to fit in with your choices but cannot promise to do so.
1a. General updates to the framework
Documenting additions / changes which you or others would like to be made to the SFIA framework. Once change requests are agreed; the new/changed components need to be written and approved. This work will mainly be done using the SFIA Consultation tool. If you have further ideas or questions please use the section 1b General updates comments.
Yes - I would like to be involved
Not for me
Adding change requests
Reviewing change requests
Researching industry themes
Mappings between SFIA and other frameworks
Checking & proof reading new content
Clear selection
1b. General updates comments
2a. Industry Themes
We expect this part of the project to be a combination of research, mapping between SFIA and other frameworks, creating SFIA views and guidelines, generic profiles and recommending changes to the core framework. f you have further ideas or questions please use the section 2b Industry focus areas comments.
Yes - I would like to be involved
Not for me
Big data / data science
Digital transformation
Digital skills for users
Software engineering
Systems engineering
Artificial intelligence & machine learning
People and skills management
Employability - bridging education to work
Service design
Agile development including large scale methods
Healthcare industry
Creative industries
Clear selection
2b. Industry focus areas comments
4. Can you help with the existing Language translations?
Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, German and Arabic are already published. For these languages; the work will focus on reviewing, and adding to existing translated material.
Yes - I can help with translation
Spanish language translation
German language translation
Arabic language translation
Japanese language translation
Mandarin language translation
French language translation
French Canadian language translation
Italian language translation
Polish language translation
Portuguese language translation
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Any other ideas, questions or offers to help?
Thank you
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