MNIPL Climate Justice Congregation Interest Form - OLD DO NOT USE

Please register your interest in pursuing a certificate from MNIPL as a "Climate Justice Congregation." These are faith communities who are committed to living out their faith through effective and sustained action on Climate Justice. This certificate program, which in most cases will take a year to complete, provides resources and a map to deeply engage your faith community in the work of climate justice. As more faith communities join in this work we will strengthen the power of our MN interfaith climate movement. Please visit for a full description of the program.

After filling out this form, we will be in touch with you to set up a time to meet and to make an initial assessment of where you are as a community and to establish your plan for pursuing the certification.
Full Name
Phone number
Your Faith Community name
Faith Community location
I am interested in initiating my faith community's participation in this certificate process!
Please describe your faith community's involvement in environmentally-focused work (whether within your community or through your service in the larger community). How many years have you all been working on environmental issues? What has your focus been (i.e. environmental justice, climate justice -i.e. pipeline work; practical solutions like recycling, energy audits, solar, etc)
Do you have a committee or team focused on this work? If so, please describe!
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