BAM-iT! Edu Interest Form: Reading Partner Volunteer
Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a Black And Making It Edu (BAM-iT! Edu) Reading Partner. Studies show that many black students lag behind their peers in reading ability, and BAM-iT! Edu would like to work with the community do something about that. Through our online tutoring services, our mission is to make sure all students -- but especially black students -- are proficient readers by offering FREE online reading assistance to those in need. That's where volunteers like you come in. Please complete the interest form below. Thank you for your desire to work with BAM-iT! Edu to help students acquire the reading skills necessary to succeed.

NOTE: This initiative is in preliminary phases. Additional information regarding the development and progress of this initiative will be provided at a later date. Completion of this form does not mean that you are an employee or volunteer of Black And Making It Edu. Rather, you are only expressing interest.
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