Hack@UCF 2020-2021 Ethics Form
Thank you for signing up to be a member of the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club, or Hack@UCF!

This is the second step to become an official member of the club. Just a reminder - members must be UCF students.

I am joining this organization to enhance my computer security skills and acquire knowledge. I vow to use my skills and knowledge for non-criminal enterprises in keeping with UCF policy.

You should have already completed the Hack@UCF Membership form.

After this, prospective members must pay $10 dues and request membership on Knight Connect.

To view the exact membership steps, go to https://hackucf.org/join

If you have any questions or concerns, please email membership@hackucf.org.
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This is a statement of ethics for students wishing to participate in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club at UCF. I do hereby declare my intent to abide by the University of Central Florida's Golden Rule (http://goldenrule.sdes.ucf.edu) and Use of Information Technologies and Resources Policy (http://policies.ucf.edu) in all of my dealings and training associated with the UCF Collegiate Cyber Defense Club. Enter your full legal name here to confirm your agreement with this. *
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