Document Automation Request Form
Before you submit your document for automation, please note the following:

1. Document must be in word doc format. PDFs or other formats are not accepted.
2. Document must be clearly marked up with all possible variables for designing questions in the app.
3. Document must be ready for automation (i.e. document content has been finalised).
4. Document will look different due to formatting limitations of the app.
5. Automation is not legal review. Zegal does not give comment or clearance on the content of the document.

For any inquires on document automation, please email Customer Success Team at

Name of organisation in Zegal app *
Email address of user *
Name of document(s) to be automated *
Date of request *
Please upload your document(s) to automate here (.doc or .docx files only). Before uploading, make sure you have highlighted the variable fields in the document and provided all options for such fields. *
Please confirm the document(s) you have submitted are ready for automation, i.e. the document content has been finalised. If you require the document(s) to be reviewed by lawyers before automation, you should submit after the document(s) have been settled by lawyers.
Do you have a specific process for using this document, e.g. that it's created by a team member, requires approval by a supervisor and gets signed with a counter-party?
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