Purpose of the study: This questionnaire was designed to identify the opinion of the business community on the conditions of doing business, familiarize with the needs of investors/ entrepreneurs, and identify the problems and barriers they face on the ground.
1. Name of the organization *
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2. Choose your region *
3. What is the type of activity? *
4. Assess the conditions in your area for doing business *
5. Name the areas of regulation that negatively affect the stability of business, and where, in your opinion, fundamental changes are needed. (Please specify up to 5 options) *
6. What do you think prevent the inflow of foreign investments into the economy of Uzbekistan? *
Absence of relevant information for investors in foreign languages
Obtaining a visa for foreign citizens
Registration of foreigners by place of residence
Obtaining a license to work for foreign citizens
Lack of qualified personnel
Excessive bureaucracy
Low interest of local authorities in attracting investments
Low quality of air communication
Underdevelopment of the railway infrastructure
Underdevelopment of automobile cargo infrastructure
Underdevelopment of existing free economic zones
Expensiveness and complexity of export-import operations
The problem of access to raw materials
Absence of international commercial arbitration in Uzbekistan
7. Which of the following problems do you face when doing business? *
High taxes
Excessively high interest rates on loans
Problems with licensing
Registration of permits
Problems of certification and standardization of products
Problems with regulatory bodies
Resolution of economic disputes
Unfair competition from the shadow business
Access to tender information
Non-transparent and bureaucratic bidding procedures
Access to information about technologies and equipment
8. Please, indicate problems with infrastructure you face *
Water supply
Drainage system
Heating power
Telephone communications
Land allocation
Obtaining free buildings and structures
Obtaining architectural and planning assignments
9. Assess the effectiveness of the current state support mechanism for entrepreneurs *
Informative and consultative support
Tax privileges
Customs privileges
Privileges in getting credits
Educational programmes
Assistance in land and buildings allocation
10. Your proposals and comments *
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