Weekly Poomse Class IN-PERSON Sign Up Form
We are starting a Weekly Poomse class on Tuesday, 9/8/20 at 6pm. Each class will be broken up into FOUR (4) 15-minute blocks and each block will focus on 2 Poomse exclusively. Choose which block(s) you'd like to attend (either in-person or virtually). Bear in mind that in-person will be limited to 10 slots (1st come, 1st served) in each block. REMEMBER: Only sign up for blocks that contain the Poomse that is appropriate for your rank. If your rank allows, you may sign up for blocks that contain lower Poomse as a review.
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6:00 - 6:15pm - Tae Geuk IL JANG & Tae Geuk EE JANG
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6:15 - 6:30pm - Tae Geuk SAM JANG & Tae Geuk SAH JANG
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6:30 - 6:45pm - Tae Geuk OH JANG & Tae Geuk YUK JANG
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6:45 - 7:00pm - Tae Geuk CHIL JANG & Tae Geuk PAL JANG
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