Driller Service Academy Application
You want to be considered for ACADEMY starting in 2019, but there are LIMITED spots available!
This form will help us make an informed decision.
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What makes you special or what should we know about you? (Sell yourself to us - make us want to pick you!)
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Our academy is a public service academy, and we give back to our community. What causes/charities are you passionate about?
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Next year, will you participate in any special/elective programs at school (ex: choir, drama, GATE etc.)? If so, which ones?
What type of classes to do plan to take next year?
Do you participate in any sports at school? If so, which ones?
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Do you plan to go to college?
How are your grades?
How is your attendance?
If you are accepted into Academy, you will get an Academy T-Shirt. What size do you wear?
Are you able to take PE in Summer School this summer? (this will free up your schedule and allow you to take the Academy Elective)
How important will Academy be to you on your list of priorities at school?
Not very important.
Super important!
Why do you want to be in the Driller Service Academy?
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