UrbanWINS Toolkit
This short questionnaire aims to be a mechanism for the evaluation by stakeholder of utility and usability of the toolkit. The evaluation will be done to the specific parts of the toolkit that you (Stakeholder) showed interested and availability to participate in the Consultation process, naming the parts/contents that you had interested in reviewing.
Your area of expertise:
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Part of the toolkit in analyses:
Theme/Chapter:(In the case that you haven't evaluate the all Part, please indicate each theme/chapter you have evaluated)
Your answer
Have you already used this type of tool?
In a scale of 1(very bad) to 5(very good) in what concerns the part under analyses, what is your opinion regarding the following aspects:
Relevance of the topic
Interest of contents
Acquisition of new knowledge
Understandable contents
Toolkit Design
Usability level
Utility level
Efficiency level
Overall appreciation
Identify the most positive aspect of this part of the toolkit:
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Identify the most negative aspect of this part of the toolkit:
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Suggestions regarding the topics approach and the structure of the contents:
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Additional Comments and observations
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