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We're building a community resource dedicated to helping people learn more about practice operations in the architecture industry and related topics. We aim to provide a valuable platform combined with the tools and resources needed to develop and run innovative and fulfilling architecture practices for tomorrow.

Apply to become a Monograph community author by filling out the form below. As a reminder, we're primarily looking for content on topics related to:

✓ Content Marketing
✓ Local SEO
✓ Growth strategies
✓ Account Based Targeting
✓ Demand Generation
✓ Contract Law
✓ Bookkeeping Workflows / Tools
✓ Automation
✓ People Management
✓ Recruitment / Training
✓ How-tos
✓ Winning Competitions
✓ Networking strategies
✓ Immersive Design Workflows (VR / AR)

If you're accepted as a contributor, you'll receive personal support for reviewing, editing, and publicizing your work, in addition to payment.

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