First Year Parent/Guardian Survey Sept 2019
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1. The student is in Class : *
2. How often do you check the Student Journal? *
3. What do you check in the Student Journal? *
4. How long does the student spend on homework every night? *
5. Does the student have difficulties in completing his/her homework? *
6. Do you know who the student's Class Tutor is? *
7. Does the student know all his/her teachers? *
8. Is the student participating in school clubs and activities *
9. Is the student comfortable using his/her own locker? *
10. Does the student have his/her timetable posted on the inside of the locker? *
11. Are you aware of and familiar with the Code of Behaviour? *
12. Are you aware and familiar with the Acceptable Use Policy? *
13. Are you aware of and familiar with the Anti-Bullying Policy *
14. Are you aware of and familiar with the Mobile Phone Policy *
15. Are you familiar with Signing In/Signing Out procedures? *
16. Did you know that the Student Journal is the first point of contact between a teacher and parent? *
17. What other challenges does this student have in terms of transition? *
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