Starting an academic project with FabLab RUC
If you want to build a product/production/prototype for an academic project at RUC (for example a semester project), we can offer you more help and guidence than "normal" fablab users. We suggest a starting-up meeting of 20-60 minutes where we
- talk possibilities, expectations, time plan
- get you started
- give you a contact person
Project name
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Project description (enough that we can assign you the right technology guidance counsellor)
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Who is your supervisor?
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What do you study / where are you from / which house
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Suggest two meeting times. See our opening times at
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If you are new to the Fablab, please come to our introduction to Fablab for project groups 19/9/2016 1000-1600
How many people are coming from your group? (so we can plan) 0-10
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Your contact info - email and phone
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You are always welcome to come by the lab any time in our opening hours! (see ) Answer time for email can easily be a week or maybe more - we get about 60 emails a day.
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