2020 Square Dance Goal Tracker
The Bachelor N Bachelorette Square International Dance Organization would like to encourage everyone to have fun square dancing. So, we have created some fun goals to keep people dancing. 15 goals for the year, however some have multiple components. Enter your name, email, and club and then check off the goal or component of the goal you have completed, and click Submit. Even if you only complete a few components it should be fun! Share this link and let's see how many people we can get working on Square Dance Goals.

GOAL 1 - Attend 10 Club Dances
GOAL 2 - Attend a Square Dance Convention or Festival
GOAL 3 - Bring a New Dancer to a Square Dance Class
GOAL 4 - Dance With a Newly Graduated Square Dancer
GOAL 5 -Dance Somewhere or with a Caller You Have Never Danced (2 times)
GOAL 6 - Attend 2 Benefit Dances
GOAL 7 - Attend 3 Anniversary Dances
GOAL 8 - Attend 3 Club Meetings
GOAL 9 - Attend 3 Workshop
GOAL 10 - Attend 4 Club Visitations
GOAL 11 - Angel at 5 Classes
GOAL 12 - Dress for a Themed Dance 5 Times
GOAL 13 - At 3 Different Dances, Smile During a Tip
GOAL 14 - At 4 Different Club Dances, Thank Someone from Another
GOAL 15 - At 5 Different Dances, "Yellow Rock / Stack the Wood", When It is Called

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