Central Desktop Station Upgrades
This summer all teacher and staff computer station desktops in the secondary schools will be replaced with Windows 10 systems.
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Preparing Your System
LEAVE MONITORS, KEYBOARDS, MICE, & PROMETHEAN BOARD OR DISPLAY HARDWARE IN PLACE: Your existing monitor will be connected to the new CPU. Please be sure you leave in place any hardware required to connect to a Promethean Board, such as a special hub or dongle. If your system uses a HDMI switch to connect it and an optional VCR/DVD to the projector, leave that out.

STOW AWAY OTHER SPECIALTY HARDWARE: If you have attached special dongles/USB receivers in your system, such as for a Wacom digitizer, please remove them and stow them away. Please stow away other specialty hardware such as headphones, cell phone cords, chargers, etc.

PROTECTING YOUR DATA: So long as you keep all of your user files in the default Windows 7 Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos library folders or on your desktop, they should be copied over when you log in to your new Windows 10 system. If you want to create your own backup on a personal flash drive before you leave for the summer, see https://sites.google.com/a/bps-ok.org/website/home/staff/technology/manuals/backups

The Office 2010 versions of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel will be installed on the new systems, but Outlook will not be included since we will no longer be using Microsoft Exchange email.

Please recognize that technicians may not be able to install all software, especially older software that has compatibility problems with Windows 10. We cannot guarantee teachers will have access to all specialized software, such as test banks, for the start of school in August, but if you list them below Technology Services will try to install that for you. Fellow teachers who are Site Technology Assistants will also assist as they can after school begins in August, but it will take time to catch up across so many classrooms. Please prepare your lesson plans accordingly!

Please list any special software (e.g. test banks, programs other than the typical Office applications), where the installation discs are located, and any installation passwords:
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