Rubbish Rangers Expression of Interest
We would love for you to tell us more about the group of students you would like to be involved in our program!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form we really appreciate your interest in our program!
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Who is the best person of contact and their phone number and email? *
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Number of students? *
Student year level? *
Do you have any environmental initiatives at your school such as Lids4Kids? *
Please indicate on the scale where your students are at when it comes to their knowledge about waste and recycling? *
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Which session would you be most interested in participating in? *
As part of our program, we would like you to participate in a small clean up where your students can see their own impact on their local environment when it comes to waste production. Would your school/BSO be willing to leave the litter in the playground for your students to clean up a couple times before our visit? *
Are there any specific groups in your school you think would also benefit from this program? (SRC, environmental groups, etc).
Do you have any questions about the program?
Is there any additional information you think we should know?
Would you like to stay up to date with Trash Gather through our community newsletter with the email provided?
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Are there any local areas around your school that Trash Gather could organise a clean up event for?
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