SCG Halloween questionnaire
This is an extended poll looking for input on Halloween ideas for the 2018 SCG Halloween adventure. Please read over things carefully and answer at your own pace! If you haven't seen our other one about movies, you may suggest movie ideas below!
1. Of the following games, which if any do you think you'd like to play? *
2. Before we continue, do you have any ideas or event ideas you'd like to share?
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3. For our movie streams, we may stream up to 4 a day in different categories. Modern horror, Foreign horror, Comedy horror, and Classic horror. What order do you think this would work best in?
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4. Speaking of movies, did you submit any suggestions yet? If not you're welcome to do so here!
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5. For special game events, do you think we should consider recording / producing highlights to help attract new players / members? *
6. Hey I don't do polls enough, anything non Halloween related you want to tell me?
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7. Considering doing spooky game streams, any suggestions?
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One last thing before we're done!
I'm aiming to make this year the best SCG Halloween ever, I've already been planning ideas and looking at potential fun goodies. You guys have given a lot of feedback on our movie poll and I really really appreciate that, last thing I want to ask is that you help share this with your friends, I want as much input as I can get to help make this our best!

Thank you again for your time and your input!

--Rowdy and the others at SCG
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