All Of Us event 2018 Prod Team App
This is the app for everyone who wants to be part of the production team for All Of Us event 2018 which begins production meetings in November. Then in January we will start monthly meetings on different levels. We will break all producers up into Leads then Departments under Leads like : Food and Beverage, Entertainment Events and Art, and Gate and Placement. If someone wants to continue their role from the previous year we will likely keep that person in that role. If someone wants to change teams we will work it out. Maybe you want to lead a project, art piece or something in the scheme of things we are yet to think of? Let us know here.
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(optional question) If you are new to the team and want to be part of the Executive Team what do you have to offer that we should consider? The Executive team is the decision makers and have a lot of authority for the event.
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PRODUCER LEAD: defined roles
As roles are taken they will fall off this list.
OTHER ROLES: Things people can do to help make the event even more awesome
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