0 waste
Youth Exchange "0 waste"
10. 08 - 19. 08. 2021
Oščadnica, Slovakia

Global problems are obvious in the world. One of the main problems associated with consumer life is production
waste. Although we try to think ecologically, sometimes it is not possible to completely eliminate waste. Therefore, it is a suitable alternative at least recycle the waste or use it for something else. The intention in the implementation of this project is to expand awareness today youth about ecology, problems in this area, such as over-production of waste, over-consumption of resources, insufficient environmental protection, the need for recycling, environmental pollution and the like. We are aware complexity of problems that are associated with today's production and distribution of various products and we want to become a part their solutions. It is important to expand the competencies of the participants in this area as well, so that they can also bring change for their surroundings.

Through the activities, participants will learn the basics of creating project plans and their knowledge of zero waste with this competence. With the help of the Erasmus + program, we want to bring together young people from different countries who have the opportunity in discussions to exchange views and ideas, learn something new about culture from selected countries, and improve their language skills. Through workshops and discussions, participants prepare their own a project during which they will work together as a team on the idea of ​​a zero waste lifestyle.

VENUE of the project
You will be accommodated in Penzion Centrál, Oščadnica.
GPS: N= 49.438568 E= 18.884506

Nice ski and mountain area on the north of Slovakia only 30 km from Czech republic and 20 km from Poland.
We invite you to stay 3-4 beds rooms, and if you are comfortable with that, we would like to propose you to stay with the persons from different countries, same gender. Keep on mind that the rooms are not very spacious and please, take it into consideration while packing.
Wifi is available in the venue. However, we can´t guarantee its quality, and we recommended not to plan any online meetings or work to do during your stay.
Address: Oščadnica 893 Centrum - Slovakia
Pictures also available here (unfortunately web is only in Slovak)

According to European rules, we have to follow gender balance. Each of these countries (Slovakia, Portugal, Serbia, Greece, Turkey) has to send 6 participants within the age range of 17-23 + a group leader who is18+ years old.

The venue of the project is in the city Oščadnica and the nearest airport is 100 km west from Oščadnica in Ostrava, very near the city called Brno, but we recommend 200 km south of Oščadnica – Bratislava/Vienna. It´s than needed to travel from this airport to Žilina, which is the closest biggest city near Oščadnica. In Žilina you can go take the train to Oščadnica or we can organize minibus from Žilina to Oščadnica. It is 40 minutes.

The venue offers Slovak, homey food (natural ingredients) and we encourage you to taste it, however in case it goes really against of what you are used to eat - communicate such situation to the organisers team. Usually it is possible for us to adjust the food to some extent. We will ask your preferences shortly before the seminar starts, via the online form (vegan,
vegetarian, gluten free, food allergies, etc)
❖ Please note, if the meat is served in Slovakia in most cases it will be pork. In case you do not eat pork, please specify it in the form.

General information about Slovakia and the region:

Public transportation in bigger cities in Slovak application (mobile and web
version, available in English)
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