Registration form for NES Innovation Awards 2018
Dear Students,

The Contest Structure is as follows :
(1) Call for entries – starts 15th June 2017
(2) Online Submission of Idea – 31st Aug 2017
Teams to submit an executive summary of their mobile application in not more than 1000 words in a power point or PDF format
(3) Online Submission of Project – 30th Sep 2017
Requires a comprehensive project outline in terms of applicability of the idea, scalability, social benefit (if any), commercial viability, gestation period and cost of development
(4) Announcement of Final 50 - 30th Nov 2017
(5) Submission of Business Plan 30th Dec 2017
(6) Jury Round and Presentation of Prototype January 2018
(7) Announcement of winners during Innovation Awards ceremony March 2018

For any challenges , please feel free to call me on +91 8408809943 or write on

Gayatri Kelkar
Natarajan Education Society

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