Match XR 2022 – Feedback
Thank you so much for attending Match XR 2022! We now hope you can take a few minutes to provide us with feedback for the event. With your help, we can make our future events even better.

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In which role did you participate in the event?
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Which overall grade would you give Match XR 2022?
How well were you able to network with new people or companies?
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Did you try out hardware or software solutions in the Expo Area?
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How did you feel about the Bar and Lounge?
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If you attended pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings, were they useful for you?
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How did you hear about the event?
Do you have thoughts or feedback on the event's marketing and communications?
Was something missing? Would you improve the event somehow?
Any final comments or greetings to the HXRC team behind the event?
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