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One of the primary goals of my breeding program at Telltale is to match the right puppy to the right family. The more information I have about you, the easier it will be to make the right match.  There are no wrong answers here. The more detailed you are, the better!
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In the event that you are unable to keep your dog for any reason, we require that the dog be returned to Telltale. Would you agree to this? *
We believe that late spaying/neutering is beneficial to your Telltale dogs' growth. Are you okay with waiting  to spay/neuter your puppy? *
Will you agree to x-ray your dogs hips and elbows to screen them for dysplasia (at 2+ years per OFA standards). This will be at your expense. Having this data will greatly benefit Telltale's breeding program.
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Telltale places puppies based on temperament to ensure they are in a home which best matches their needs and the needs of their new family. We do not allow owners to pick their puppies based on color or sex alone. Placement decisions are made between 7 and 8 weeks of age. Are you okay with this? *
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If you are not familiar with Puppy Culture methods / have not seen Puppy Culture would you be willing to watch the Puppy Culture DVDs? *
Telltale puppies are weaned onto high quality kibble and raw (rawganics & prey model raw). What do you plan to feed your puppy? *
Are you interested in a co-own arrangement? *
What other additional information would you like Telltale to know? Do you have any questions? *
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