Adopt-A-Tree Application Form
Complete this application in order to have your group or organization qualify for a tree planting event as part of the Keep Nassau Beautiful, Planting Nassau's Future project. The total number of trees is limited. The planting season for this project is December 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020. Join Keep Nassau Beautiful volunteers in a tree planting event, or host your own with our assistance.

Approved applicants will qualify for...
(1) a free quantity of up to ten 3-5 gallon nursery trees which your group can plant on your own property, or pre-approved area in Nassau County. Keep Nassau Beautiful links groups to tree planting spaces in Nassau County. The nursery tree species include Live Oak, Dahoon Holly, Bald Cypress and Red Maple.
(2) (2) or, participation in the planting of a Legacy tree. In some cases, Legacy trees are donated by generous individuals or organizations hoping to be linked to groups interested in a tree planting project. Other Legacy trees may be acquired through Keep Nassau Beautiful at various donation levels. The species chosen as Legacy trees can range widely, as long as they are appropriate for the County and the spot where they are to be planted.

This form requires:
- the contact information for the person who will represent your group or organization
- the location within Nassau County where your group or organization wants the tree(s) to be planted
- the quantity / type of tree planting event you want to hold
- a short description of why your group or organization is interested in this project
- answers to questions about tending to your tree in the future

Contact for questions: Kelley McCarter, Keep Nassau Beautiful Board Member, 919-610-2852 or
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Phone number *
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Email where we can reach you to confirm receipt and approval of your application form. *
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Please check the statement(s) that describes your planting site strategy? (Check all that apply.) *
Would you like to have one of our staff make a presentation at your group or organization about the Planting Nassau's Future program and receive some basic tree planting and tending knowledge? *
In a few sentences, please describe your plan to keep the tree(s) healthy and growing in the future. Who will take responsibility for tending the tree(s) such as providing adequate water, mulching and re-mulching as needed, preventing damage from mowers/weeders, and notifying Nassau County Cooperative Extension Service when there is a problem with the tree(s).
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My group or organization understands that if our application is accepted we will work with Keep Nassau Beautiful to receive up to 10 free trees for our planting event (3-5 gallon size), or we will make a financial donation in order to have a larger Legacy tree(s) planted. *
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