Are You Ready for Industry 4.0?
Are You Ready for Industry 4.0?
Digitization which is the cornerstone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also known as Industry 4.0) has an impact on all organizations across various sectors or industries. In each case, the impact is a different one which makes it essential for companies to have a good understanding and view of what they face and how digitization will affect their company: which opportunities can be seized and which threats have to be faced? (Bawany, 2018)

The impact of digital disruption has to be managed alongside the more general volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) operating conditions of recent years (Bawany, 2016). An ability to calculate and manage/mitigate risk will, therefore, be another key requirement of leaders seeking to propel their organizations into the digital age. Navigating a course through these difficult conditions may also force leaders to look at their individual leadership style and decide whether it needs to be adjusted.

Leading in Industry 4.0 would require managing challenges in a business environment that is highly disruptive and predominantly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). Technological advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, sharing platforms and the Internet of Things are fundamentally altering business models and industries. These changes are often not only alien to businesses; they are taking place at unprecedented speed. Leaders at all levels need to develop the relevant competencies and skills to successfully adapt to new realities when leading in a disruptive VUCA World.

Leading in Industry 4.0 not only provide a challenging environment for leaders to operate and for executive development programme to have an impact: it also provides a much-needed range of new competencies. This new reality is resulting in the need for new and different capabilities that leaders needs to demonstrate effectively to succeed in this new normal.
Introduction of the VUCA Business Evironment
The Era of The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Research Objectives
The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) is embarking on this latest research with the following primary objectives:

1. To assess the current state of readiness for leaders and managers in leading their organisation for success in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution within the highly Disruptive, Digitalised and VUCA-driven business environment;

2. To determine the specific managerial leadership skills and competencies that are critical in driving their organisational strategy in this new normal (Industry 4.0).

The Survey will take around 5-7 mins to complete.
Meeting the Challenges in Leading in Industry 4.0
Survey Questionnaire
Leadership Readiness in Industry 4.0
Which industry you are working in? *
What is the employee size of your organisation? *
Where is your organisation located? *
What is your level of understanding of what Industry 4.0 is all about? *
No Understanding
Fully Understood
What is your level of understanding of the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 on your organisation? *
No Understanding
Fully Understood
To what extent is your business strategy being impacted by Industry 4.0? *
No Impact At All
Fully Impacted
Which of the following leadership skills are critical in driving for success in Industry 4.0? (Please select only TOP 5 from the list below). *
How is your leadership team current level of competency of those skills that you have identified earlier? *
Do not have the competency
Fully Competent
What are the platforms adopted for the delivery of your leadership development programmes? *
What are the various leadership development programmes that are being offered to your leadership team develop further these managerial skills?
What are your organisation’s plans for developing your future or nextgen leaders (including high potentials) to meet these challenges in Industry 4.0? *
No definitive plans
Currently being implemented
Thank you.
Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Kindly let us have the relevant details below (including your email address) so that we could forward you the E-book on “Leading in the Industry 4.0 & Disruptive VUCA World” which is valued at US$75.00.

We will also be sending you a copy of the complete, complimentary research report will be provided to you when it is released sometime in the last quarter of 2018. The report will then be available to non-survey participants for a fee of US$150.00.
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