Incoming West Middle School 6th Grade Registration
Welcome all incoming 6th graders! We need some information from you to get you registered for classes next year. Please complete the following form regarding Exploratory classes. We are so excited to have you with us at WEST!
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Along with 4 core classes of Literacy (ELA) , Math, Science, and Social Studies, West Middle School offers an Exploratory Class Program in which students will rotate through P.E., Art, and STEM (which incorporates Computer Science and Tech Ed). If you are interested in participating in a music program at West, please choose ONE from the three options below. Please also understand that if you choose to participate in a music program it is a year-long commitment. Non-music students will take up to 4 quarters of P.E. *
If you checked Band or Orchestra in the previous question, which instrument would you like to play?
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Non-music Students Only: Elective choices
If you are a non-music student, you will be repeating an elective throughout the year. Please prioritize your choices by putting them in order of 1-3 (Art, PE, or STEM) by answering the following questions. (Music students do not answer the following as this does not pertain to you.)
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Please indicate below if you are interested in the Gifted and Talented program at West. *
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