Roosevelt CS | Parent Information
I would like to collect some information from parents, guardians, or family members of my students, for my records and to get to know you and your child better.

If you fill out the questionnaire below and submit your answers, it will get to me.

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What is your name? *
What is your child's name? *
Please enter his/her full name, so that I may match it to our school records.
What is your relationship to him/her? *
Father, mother, guardian, family member, family friend, etc.
What is the best way to get in touch with you? *
You can give me one or more email addresses, or phone numbers and when the best times to call would be.
What are your goals for your child in my course?
What are your favorite characteristics of your child? What strengths do you think he or she will bring to the classroom?
Is there anything about your child that you want me to be aware of that will help me support his/her learning?
If you could tell me anything that would help in reaching out to your child, what would it be?
General comments
Anything else you'd like to tell me about yourself or your child that doesn't fit in the above questions?
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