Community Survey - Breeders & Mills
Form Use:  To gauge how we, The Humane Society of Hobart, are doing in the community and how the community feels about commercial breeders and "puppy mills."  This poll will be accessed during meetings with Mayor Brian Snedecor next Tuesday about a potential Humane Ordinance.
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The Humane Society of Hobart is a trusted resource and is making a positive impact on the lives of homeless pets and pet families in our community. *
Retail pet stores in Hobart should not sell pets from commercial breeders (puppy mills) and should only offer pets for adoption from humane societies and rescue organizations. *
It is more important to adopt a homeless pet in need rather than to purchase a pet that's been inhumanely bred to be sold for profit (confined to cages, no human interaction, overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, lack of medical treatment, etc.) *
OPTIONAL:  Would you like to share any other thoughts about commercial breeders or puppy mills?
OPTIONAL:  Share your name and preferred contact method (email, phone, or address) so we can include you in community conversations, opportunities, and updates towards a potential Humane Ordinance.
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