Welcome to Naleia Yachting Crew Matcher Form!
Are you interested in sailing but also not sure who you are going to meet on your boat?
Afraid you will not click with the crew?
Want to make sure sailing is going to be a great experience?
Fill in the form and we`ll tell you everything you`ll need to know!
Submitting this data is not binding!

This form will be used to feed the Selectan Algorithm to do the crew matching. Inputs from you and all the other Naleians will be compared, analyzed and processed to select the best-fit crews for your sailing holiday. For the best effect: fill it quickly and do not think too long on the questions.

The form consists of three parts:
First - your data that I need for statistical purposes,
Second - sailors match form,
Third - crew match form.

So, let`s start with your data:

Your first name? *
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Date of birth?
What`s your Sex?
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Where do you know about Naleia from? *
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