Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring Installation
An outdoor Air Quality Monitor (AQM) is an innovative STEM resources to engage K-12 students in compelling projects which advance their understanding of climate science, environmental literacy and air quality.

An AQM creates the possibility for schoolyards to become an outdoor classroom and learning landscape with multiple educational opportunities. The sensor data and data maps are directly accessible via an Internet connection. Using digital programs to view the data, students can visualize the mostly invisible properties of the airborne particulates, temperature, moisture, barometric pressure that are occurring just outside in their schoolyard. The data measurements from environmental sensors are logged then stored and remain accessible to every virtual or in-person classroom.

Because of your participation in the Delaware Pathways to Green Schools Program, you will receive a free PurpleAir PA-II AQM. The PA-II measures real-time PM2.5 concentrations for residential, commercial, or industrial use. Built-in WiFi enables the sensor to transmit data to the PurpleAir map, where it is stored and made available to any smart device.

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