Community Events Submission Form
Thank you for submitting your event to the Southern Huron Community Events Calendar!

For the purposes of this calendar, events are considered to be an activity with a specific time and location which occurs within a single span of time. Ongoing "drop-off" fundraisers or ticket sales are not eligible. Final approval for postings is ultimately at the discretion of the library, BIA or Chamber of Commerce.

Events that meet the following criteria can be posted:
- Event/activity is happening in and around the communities of Hensall, Zurich, Dashwood, Grand Bend, Mount Carmel, Centralia, Crediton, Huron Park, Kirkton, and Exeter;
- Event is run by non-profit organization, volunteer or local community group or the event supports a charity or non-profit;
- Local training opportunities;
- Event is open to all (can be age specific).

Events not suitable for the community calendar:
​- Those that are solely commercial in nature;
- Promote, exhibit, illustrate or manifest hate or obscene / pornographic / sexual content of any kind;
- Do not comply with municipal and county laws and policies;
- Promote an individual religion or religious service.

Events submitted here will be published in the:
1 - Exeter & Area Community Events Calendar on (BIA) and (Chamber);
2 - Monthly Exeter & Area Community Events E-Blast (members of the public must subscribe to receive);
3 - Monthly printable PDF of Exeter & Area Community Events (printed copies available at key locations throughout the community).
4 - Posted to social media as time permits (Experience Exeter, Huron County Library & South Huron Chamber of Commerce).

*If you do not meet the criteria above, your event will not be published.*

***Please Note: Events for the monthly e-blast or printed bulletin MUST be submitted by the 20th day of the previous month.

If you need help filling out his form or if you have suggestions on how to make this process easier, please contact us!

Exeter Library:

This is a project between the Exeter Business Improvement Association (BIA), the Huron County Library - Exeter Branch and the South Huron Chamber of Commerce.
Event Name: *
NOTE: If this is a recurring event, please enter the information for the FIRST EVENT DATE ONLY (the start date & the end date will be the SAME). There is another section below to provide details on how your event reoccurs.
Event Start Date: *
Event End Date: *
Start Time: *
End Time: *
Please provide the following: a) Venue Name b) Venue Address c) Town Name, ON

Example: South Huron Recreation Centre, 94 Victoria St E, Exeter, ON
Event Location: *
For the event description section, we urge you to include the following details:
- A sentence or 2 describing what the event is about;
- Details for age category, if relevant (ie. "Baby Time" is for babies 0-12 months only);
- Cost & registration / ticket purchasing process;
- Name of host organization with public contact info if there are questions;
- Website or Facebook link for more information.

NOTE: There might be other important details that you wish to include as well.
Event Description: *
Event Web Link:
Recurring Event: an event that happens weekly or monthly. An annual event is NOT a recurring event for the purposes of this calendar.

If you event is recurring, please explain below. We will ensure that it appears on the calendar, e-blast and printable versions of the Southern Huron Community Events Calendars.

For example: Baby Time runs every Thursday from 1:30pm - 3:00pm. Closed the last 2 weeks in December. Program runs until December 17, 2020.

- If this is a recurring event that runs consistently, please ONLY ENTER ONCE.

- If there is a break in your programming, please explain below (ie. every Monday, closed all holidays).

- If this is a recurring event that runs for a short-term period (ie. 6 weeks), then starts again 2 months later, please enter once per session.

- If your recurring event highlights different things each week (ie. Baby Group - pumpkin exploration), please provide a link where people can find more specific information instead of organizers manually editing each week.
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NOTE: Initially, we might not have the capacity to ensure that all posters submitted will appear on the "Exeter and Area Community Events" Google Calendar. However, providing a poster could help us answer questions about your event and may also get shared to social media (as time permits).
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