Order a prosthesis
At Atomic Lab we work in teams to create solutions which change the lives of millions of people, using the latest technologies.

#Limbs is the Atomic Lab's project whose objective is to turn every child into superheroes. We print 3D prostheses of arms and hands and we deliver them for free to anyone in need. More information at www.AtomicLab.org

Please consider that there are a lot of people registered and we are just a few volunteers. After completing the form, please be patient and wait: a member of the Atomic Lab team - or your country ambassador - will contact you. If you want to help us keep growing, you can donate from limbs.earth/donate.

We will ask you for some of your details, we won't share them with anyone. It is just for us to contact you and get to know you better.

On behalft of the entire Atomic Lab team, many thanks!


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