Virtual NYI 2021 Winter Session Application
**2nd application round extended to Friday, January 8, 11:59 PM**

Dates: January 18-29, 2021 (2 weeks)

Format: Real-time synchronous mini-courses and lectures/round tables

Programs: • Theoretical Linguistics • Race & Gender Studies • Literature and Visual Arts

Mini-course sizes: 4 or 6 one-hour sessions over two weeks

Daily schedule:
8:45 am (NY) / 4:45 pm (St. Pete): Special Events
10:00 am (NY) / 6:00 pm (St. Pete): Mini-courses
11:15 am (NY) / 7:15 pm (St. Pete): Mini-courses
12:30 pm (NY) / 8:30 pm (St. Pete): General Lectures

*$75 registration fee* (waivers available)

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