Haleyville City Schools Virtual Learning Access Survey
HCS is working daily to have a plan of action for all possibilities we could face as we deal with COVID-19 and the reopening of schools. There is always the chance that children could be exposed and require temporary quarantine/blended learning, there is the possibility that we could face temporary school closures and there is the possibility that we could all be forced to switch to virtual learning for a period of time. We want to be as prepared as we can to assist students and their families in all of these events. We need more data to make decisions and to provide this support. The following survey will allow us to determine the level of assistance that each student or household would need in the event that a student needs to learn virtually. Please complete the survey for EACH student. Thank you in advance for your help and support as we plan to reopen HCS in just a few weeks! #HCSSLI
Student Name *
Student School *
Parent Name *
Parent Cell Phone Number *
Our family has internet in our home: *
Our family has a device our student can use to complete assignments: *
Our family does not have internet, but we could provide transportation to our student within 5 miles of our home or at the public library to complete virtual learning assignments: *
If you family has no access to the internet or a device that can be used for virtual learning, please comment with an email address or phone number where you can be reached. This will help us devise a plan for your student.
My family would be interested in renting a device from HCS, knowing we are responsible for any damage and/or if the device is lost or stolen. *
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