Leaves of Ink Submission Form:
Now accepting poetry in any genre. Experimental and epic-length pieces welcome.

Leaves of Ink is looking for poetry no longer than 300 lines and no shorter than 10 lines. The exception to this would be haikus, but only if they are sent in groups of at least five. (Example: "Here are my six haikus" The editor looks through them, selects five and rejects one, then puts those best five up as a single posting called "Five Haikus by ABC" (Where ABC = the name of the person who submitted the haikus.)

Here’s the legal stuff: When your poem gets accepted, you are giving Leaves of Ink non-exclusive subsequent publication rights. Essentially, you still own your poem and can do whatever you want with it, we just get to keep it on the site (and/or any related poetry anthology) for as long as the site exists. You will always be given full credit for your work. You are free to sell your poem for millions of dollars, cut a deal with a movie producer, expand it into a book or anything else all without needing our approval.

In order to avoid complications, please only send work that you own the rights to. Once accepted, poems are posted immediately and will not be removed from the site or the schedule. Submissions currently under consideration elsewhere (simultaneous submissions) are not welcome here.

We will let you know whether your poem is accepted within 3 months of submission, (Doutrope says more like 3-4 days) depending on workload. If you haven't heard from Leaves of Ink in that time, feel free to send an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Sometimes things get caught in our spam filters. It really is nothing personal. :)

In the meantime, spread the word, read the poems of others and leave comments to help others grow!

Credit (your name, your website if you have one, and your short bio) and publication! Whether this is your jumping off point as a writer or a way to get another piece on your resume, Leaves of Ink offers you a voice, a chance to get your work out there in the hands of readers and to be seen!

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