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The descriptions below are not all inclusive of the responsibilities of the chairmen/members of a committee
OA High Adventure Promotion - Promote OA high adventure opportunities and programs at lodge events

Winter Camp Boxwell - Program, service, and development opportunities

Winter Camp Latimer - Program, service, and development opportunities

Conclave - Plan and lead our lodge contingent to Conclave 2018 at Camp Mack Morris

OAU - Information about the OA and development to prepare leaders for how they can serve at various levels

Area Chapter Leadership - Communicating with Chapter Chiefs, conducting unit elections, promoting lodge events, and other projects

Fall Fellowship - Plan our lodge's annual gathering of fun, food, and fellowship

Winter Banquet - Planning and theme integration

Planbook/ Historian - Gathering information, updating histories, and assembling the 2018 edition of the planbook.

Summer Camp Cracker Barrels - Planning, promoting, and executing our Wednesday night program at Camp Boxwell

New Member Relations - Program, service, and development opportunities

Induction Weekends - Management, big picture tasks, working with rangers and other chairmen

Elangomat - Organizing elangomats and training them

Kitchen - Serving and preparing food at any Lodge

Ceremonies - Chairman on LEC, contact your chapter chief to join or start your local team

Service Crew - "Member crew" at Ordeals, lots of hands on service

Flying Eagle - Publishing a newsletter at least quarterly with special editions for certain events

Social Media - Promote events, as well as on site coverage

eNews - Effectively publish information in our lodge-wide emails

Membership - Ensure that our membership and leadership records are up to date and accurate

Registration - In charge of registration for all lodge events

Brotherhood - In charge of promotion, conducting the review, and coordinating ceremony teams

Trading Post - Promotion and operation at lodge events

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