Internship Application
Spring Session 3/15/20 - 6/13/20
Space is limited
Thank you for your interest.

The Internship Orientation is scheduled for Sunday, March 15th, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Location Google 188 Embarcadero (enter on Steuart Street)

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All training will be done in the evening, online via Workplace.
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Please list all clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities you are involved with and the time you have to be there. Specify if it is during school, summer, or year round and if you are a member or what position you hold.
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What HIM Gear do you currently own? *
Leadership Crew Neck & lanyard / name badge should be worn to the Internship Orientation. You may order it and it will be delivered at the Orientation. Kindly bring exact change. Order Form:
Will you be able to attend the MANDATORY Internship Orientation on March 15th? *
This is the only face to face meeting you will have thus it is strongly recommended that you attend the orientation. If you are unsure or can't make it then provide a detailed explanation.
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Please list two friends that are currently part of Heart in Motion, preferably those who are in Leadership and how you know them. If you do not know any, put N/A.
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