Focus/Mastermind Group Survey
A brief...very brief(2 minutes)...survey to find out about people's interest in a Focus/Mastermind Group. A mastermind group/ focus group is simply a structured group of like-minded people who are at similar places in their journey with many of the same goals. It is the place for you to hone your skills and be with other really smart people to share ideas and knowledge to help you quickly get where you want to go. We meet regularly(via Zoom) for a set period of time.
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Where are you in your private practice journey?
What focus areas would interest you the most for a group like this? (check all that apply)
How often would you want to meet (via Zoom)?
Would having a live, in person, retreat that you would travel to be something you would be interested in?
How soon are you willing to get started?
What other comments, observations, feedback, do you want to give about this?
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