GESTEM Application--Due April 30th, 2019
We have a few open spots remaining that we are offering on a first come, first serve basis. We will need the complete list of your students that can attend absolutely no later than 5/10/19 so please only register if you can pull that information together in time.

Key information:
- GESTEM will be held at Auraria Campus in Denver on TUESDAY May 21st
- GESTEM will be accepting only 7th grade girls
- A simple box lunch consisting of a sandwich, fruit, cookie, and drink will be provided. If you or your students have special dietary restrictions, please bring appropriate lunches.

Email address *
What is the name of your school or group? (If you are a volunteer bringing a student please use "Volunteer - [Your Name]") *
Example: "Bruce Randolph MS" , "Girl Scout Troop 123" - If you are not registering with a school group use "Individual - Chaperone Name"
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What school district is your group from? *
Example: "DPS"
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Name of primary contact for this school/group: *
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Primary contact's e-mail address(this is who we will reach out to with any questions!): *
It is best if this person is present for the event!
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Number of SEVENTH GRADE students you would like to bring to GESTEM 2019 (you will send student information once your group has been accepted): *
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How many chaperones is your group planning to bring? *
We recommend one for every 10 girls you are bringing to the event.
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Will your school or group's transportation allow your group to be able to arrive on time (8 am) and stay until the close of the event (2 pm)? *
If you answered anything besides yes please describe in the following question what your transportation schedule will allow so we can better try to assist with your transportation needs.
If you answered anything besides yes to the previous question please explain below (what barriers do you have to being a the full event?).
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GESTEM is trying to help eliminate barriers to girls attending our event. If your group will have problems arriving on time because of bus availability or some other transportation issue, would you be interested in GESTEM reaching out to try to help with alternative transportation options for your group? *
Do you have questions? Do you have other comments? Here's the place for those!
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