Vegetable Preference Survey
One of the most unique things about our CSA is that we now allow members to opt in and out of
items to make CSA work better for your eating preferences and needs. This means, by filling out this survey, your boxes will be personalized.

The survey will ask you two main questions. It will ask you to opt out of 5 items and opt into 10 items. We explain a little bit more about what this means below.

OPT OUT- You can choose up to 5 items you never want.

This means if you opt out of beets you won’t get beets ever.

When filling in your opt outs, make sure to read how many times you can expect a given vegetable and its season when making your decision (listed next to the vegetable in the survey). Certain items are only available for a short period of time (like berries and melons). Some items like fennel or celeriac are offered 1-2 times per season total. 

OPT IN- You can opt in up to 10 items to help us understand what you want most.

Opting into vegetables allows us to customize your box even if you don’t opt out of anything. We use this list to provide you will extras of the things you like the most when we are able to.

For example, as a farm we put salad greens in every box, but if you are a big salad eater you might want to choose this as an item so we can meet more of your salad needs. We also use this list to replace any items you opt out of and as a way to have you share in the bounties of the specific season (if it’s a great tomato year and you love tomatoes we will always give you more).

Note that some items like peas, berries and melons are given to members as often as we can and are short-lived by nature, so opting in to these items might not guarantee more in your share. Think strategically about what we will be able to give you an abundance of when selecting your opt ins.

A NOTE FOR SPRING SHARES: We look at your preferences but to give you diversity spring shares are usually structured around anything we have that is good :)
**Before you fill out the survey, especially if this is your first season, we highly recommend that you read the standard box contents from 2021. This will give you an idea of what you can expect, and some common themes in boxes to help inform if you want to opt out or just choose a standard weekly box.**

Please also note that each week we will have a newsletter that matches the standard box we pack for a given week. If you opt out or in to vegetables, your specific box will not perfectly match this newsletter.

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