Survey - The work of Curators
Section 1 - Curation
Do you regularly annotate information about regulation of gene expression?
What type of gene regulation information do you annotate?
What sort of information about gene regulation would you like to annotate but do not know how?
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What type of context do you record?
What ontologies / CVs do you use?
Are you satisfied with available terms in ontologies?
If not, what would you want added?
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What curation tools do you use?
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Would you be interested to use/test a new curation tool? (see
Which steps in the curation process can be improved?
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Have you participated in GREEKC workshops before?
What curation related topic would you like to see addressed in a GREEKC workshop?
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What issue would you be willing to raise in a future GREEKC workshop?
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Could you formulate some small (4 to 12 weeks) scientific projects that could be topic of an STSM (short term scientific mission)?
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